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Well, I don't know as I want a lawyer to tell me what I cannot do. I hire him to tell how to do what I want to do.

J. P. Morgan

About Us

Jost & Partners Swiss law firm is a legal boutique founded by a family of at least 3 generations of lawyers.

Our knowledge, experience, traditions and reputation are our heritage, and our main priority is the interests of our clients. Each client is unique, so all solutions for our clients must be nuanced and original.

Reasons why you should choose us

1)  Jost & Partners Swiss law firm is located in the heart of Europe, in Zurich, its largest financial center.

2)  Jost & Partners Swiss law firm outstands with its individual approach to solving its clients’ problems. Our “golden rule” is that every situation our clients find themselves in is unique, not like any other.

3) Jost & Partners Swiss law firm provides services not only to international clients but to Swiss residents too, confirming our competence in Swiss law.

4)  Associate lawyers of Jost & Partners Swiss law firm have a Swiss legal education.

When choosing lawyers for Swiss-based matters, one must be sure to choose services provided by the lawyers competent in Swiss law, namely, the lawyers with a complete Swiss legal education (Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree). The Swiss legal services market is represented not only by Swiss lawyers, but also by international ones with low competence in Swiss law. The situation has arisen as a result of the fact that, under the Swiss-European cooperation, Switzerland is obliged to recognize the diplomas and legal certificates of residents of the EU countries without additional exams and knowledge assessments.

5)  Jost & Partners Swiss law firm was able to combine knowledge of international law with a thorough knowledge of Swiss law.

6)  The lawyers of Jost & Partners Swiss law firm are multilingual. Our working languages ​​are: Swiss-German, German, French, English, Russian and Ukrainian.

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