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Wealth Structuring


Large private wealth requires careful personalized planning and structuring. Such wealth may consist of financial assets, real estate, private equity investments, private collections, patents – anything that may have a current or future value. Special diligence is required when different assets are located in different jurisdictions and family members live in different countries.


The main goals of wealth structuring are:

  • reducing the tax burden on assets through the use of agreements to avoid double taxation, registration of certain assets in the most suitable jurisdictions, the use of non-traditional legal structures in the ownership structure;
  • creating an effective system of ownership, management and control allowing protection of assets from third parties’ offence while maintaining real control over the assets;
  • creating the means for transferring wealth to the next generations in exact accordance with the will and orders of the primary beneficiary.


Jost&Partners Swiss law firm helps you create a structure for owning and managing your wealth that shall fully meet your business and personal needs, taking into account the peculiarities of your assets and business, as well as the personal and business qualities of your managers and family members. We constantly monitor all changes in international legislation and immediately react accordingly, which allows us to maintain the relevance, reliability and efficiency of the created ownership structures for our clients’ wealth.