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The real estate market in Switzerland is stable and for many decades remains an attractive investment target. Investing in real estate is often viewed as an opportunity to diversify the risks when investing own funds. Despite the fact that this method of investing is more demanding compared to investing in banking products, it is no less popular than, for example, purchasing bonds.

The Swiss non-residents do not have any legal restrictions on the purchase of commercial real estate in Switzerland. This means that you may choose and buy a corner store, office, fitness club or production facility you liked.

Acquiring title to real estate, insuring it, specifying lease terms, determining its value, and other essential elements of ownership and disposal of real estate are expressly regulated by Swiss law, therefore Switzerland is one of the few countries in the world that has escaped the fate of real estate revaluation and the mortgage crisis. Commercial real estate in Switzerland retains its value and generates a small annual increase in its own value.

Choosing commercial real estate for investment purposes is a rather complicated and painstaking process, since “attractive” real estate objects, as a rule, do not reach public sites. When choosing real estate, pre-existing lease agreements, their cost, terms of termination, conditions for using the land plot (construction law), insurance conditions, maintenance conditions, possibility of obtaining mortgage loans (as a rule, when purchasing a second and more Swiss real estate objects, a non-resident owner may get a mortgage from a Swiss bank), tax rates and many other aspects are to be taken into account.


Jost & Partners Swiss law firm makes requests on your behalf and evaluates the offers of commercial real estate available on the market, provides you with legal support until the very moment you obtain ownership rights and conclude an agreement on the management of your real estate.

If necessary,  Jost & Partners Swiss law firm represents your interests in Swiss banks on the matters of obtaining mortgage loans and then continues to annually ensure the compilation of financial statements and submission of your tax return to the Swiss tax authorities.